Nov 13, 2006

More Spiff/Coulton WoW Video Love - Uh, Literally...

First off, I'd like to apologize to the incredibly long list of people out there that (don't) read Ditlog for the lack of content. I was hoping that Ditlog would generate a little more buzz and interaction, but seeing none, I've been less than motivated to spend time writing.

Moreover, I'm working on content for a new podcast, so my creative energies have been channeled in that direction. Basically, we're crafting an instructional, episodic World of Warcraft audio program. Expect the content to start out basic, with tips and advice for all the new players out there. As the show progresses, we will delve into more and more advanced strategy. Look for an announcement here with more info soon.

Anyway, back on track, I just wanted to point out that Spiff has released yet another great WoW machinima music video for one of Jonathan Coulton's great tunes, this time First of May. Warning: the song lyrics and especially the video content are very adult in nature - probably not work-safe, and definitely not kid-safe. Enjoy!