Aug 25, 2006

3-D Display Tech on the Horizon

Ugh - so many posts in my head, but work has been a madhouse since returning from vacation. I've no energy left to write when I get home...

Check out this Wired News article about Phillips' new 3D digital display technology. Apparently, this is no gimmicky, semi-functional tech demo, but rather a product that appears to be nearly ready for a commercial release.

I am so ready for some gaming on a 20' flatscreen monitor with this technology, even if it means I have to spring for a quad-SLI rig to power it!


Ken Newquist said...

Sweet. One more cool tech toy I won't be able to afford for 20 years!

Lance said...


I've also been wondering if these units would create more eyestrain than a "normal" display. Will be interesting to see if this tech catches on.