Sep 14, 2006

George Hrab *is* Mur Lafferty's Man in the Boat

Our huge home town annual event, Musikfest, has come and gone a few weeks back. My friend Jon turned me on to an amazing musician and lyricist, George Hrab, with his excellent philosofunky band the Geologic Orchestra in tow. Awesome night - instant fan. Geo's show was the highlight of my Musikfest 2006, even considering the fact that I got a chance to see Brother twice and the return of the mighty Alice in Chains, virtually in my own back yard.

In seemingly unrelated news, I recently downloaded show #75 of the Wingin' It podcast. I'm not a regular listener, but I am a fan of Mur Lafferty's Geek Fu Action Grip 'cast. Ol' Mighty Mur had explained that this Wingin' It episode had been taped live at DragonCon, and that the antics weren't to be missed.

Imagine my suprise when, only seconds into the show, Mike and Evo announce their musical guest, George Hrab! George busts into a live accoustical rendition of Cruel Spines; the crowd goes wild in drunken hilarity.

Not to be outdone, Mur soon launches into a fervent reading of her essay on the clitorus and associated male incompetance, written on the spot only several minutes before. Laugh out loud stuff, and the audience is totally eating out of her hand. The whole nutty performance is capped off by, at the request of an enthusiastic male audience member, a show-and-tell how-to, complete with a large scale model constructed from a jacket and starring George Hrab's bald pate as the man in the boat. Unbelieveable!

Mike and Evo wrest control back to a degree, do their thing, and the show ends with another tune from Geo, this time Brainsbodyboth.

So, be sure to check out Wingin' It Show #75, whether you're a fan of Mur, Geo, or just want a good laugh.

Edit: I just found out that George Hrab actually lives in central city Bethlehem - got to be a short walk from my house. I'd thought he was a Philly resident, seeing as he's the drummer for the Philadelphia Funk Authority and all. Just makes the coincidence even stranger in my mind.

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Ken Newquist said...

I just listened to this show today. It's been in my iPod for a while, but it's not something something you can really listen to over the ol'family stereo. And all I can say is ... freaking hilarious. Really makes me want to go to Dragon*Con (or some other con where were all these geeks meet up)