Dec 7, 2007

Gerstmanngate: GameSpot Editors Talk

During my commute this morning, I listened to GameSpot's "The Hotspot" podcast. This week, the GS editors addressed what issues they could involving Jeff Gerstmann's firing, and tried to defuse some of the community's perhaps misguided ire.

After hearing their take, I'm not sure I am entirely convinced of CNET's motives, but the GameSpot editors have allayed my concerns about their end of the business. They seem genuinely shocked at both Mr. Gerstmann's firing and the community's torch-and-pitchfork reaction to last week's events. It is clear to me that this team remains true to their goal or providing the ethical coverage that's kept me coming back to their site for years, and I'm glad to hear it.

The question is corporate CNET's motives aside, I'm going to continue to frequent the GameSpot site. In fact, I renewed my subscription this morning to show my support to what seems like a group of highly dedicated, genuine game journalists. I wish the GameSpot team good luck in regaining any lost trust from their readers, and Mr. Gerstmann the same in his future endeavors.

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