Aug 19, 2008

JoCopedia, or Why the Internet Gives Me a Boner

First, a little background. I haven't really played guitar much at all since my son Zack was born 12 years ago. I'd sold my cherished Gretsch electric and amp due to lack of free time (and impossibility playing with sleeping babies around). Before that, I'd been playing since I was 13.

Back to the future, I happened to watch Live Free or Die Hard on Sunday (edit: see below). The movie ended with Creedance's Fortunate Son, a personal fave, and I thought, "hmm, I bet I could play that." I picked up the acoustic that my sister had given me a few months back and started diddling.

Wasn't able to get it all right away, and started to feel silly rewinding the DVD credits repeatedly, so I Googled for the tablature, and sure enough it's WAY FREAKING EASIER to get music than it was when last I played guitar...

So, I learned both Fortunate Son and Around the Bend, and sat the guitar down an hour later, with sore fingers and a sense of satisfaction.

Fast forward two more days, and I'm at work listening to Jonathan Coulton. That same little bug starts chewing and I Google for Coulton tabs - surely a much more elusive goal. "No, no, you silly man," Google says, "you have made the classic mistake of underestimating the fervor of the modern geek, and the great Jonathan Coulton specifically. Behold: JoCopedia!"

I'm so sorry, Jonathan - I will never again doubt you.

Edit: I forgot to give a shout for Len Wiseman's directing chops. Underworld and Underworld: Evolution are way high on my list, and with LFoDH Mr. Wiseman has proven that his Action Fu is indeed impressive. Can't wait for January 23rd!!!

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