Sep 17, 2008

The Xbox: Fight the Future RRoD

Well, I've received a refurbished 360 back from Microsoft. Not *my* 360, mind you, but a 360 nonetheless.

This one seems to run a heck of a lot hotter than my old one (if my memory serves me). The rear fans are exhausting a blast that feels like output of a hair drier. I'm worried this one is going to red-ring again in a week. Even worse, the optical drive seems twice as loud as the one in my old machine. I know Microsoft had used several different vendors for their drives - this was from the crappy one.

So, yes Mr. Gates got my console back within an admirable 2-week window, but I'm not completely happy. Unfortunately, I think I got an older, inferior build of the Elite console back in exchange. Bleh.

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