Oct 30, 2008

Infocom Text Adventure App for Blackberry!

Just wanted to send out a public thanks to William Johnson for his continuing work on a Z-Machine interpreter for Blackberrys (and other J2ME devices), Zaxmidlet. ConstantineXVI and I have been trying to drum up interest over on the Crackberry forums for someone to develop this app, and William came to our rescue like a bolt from the blue.

I just finished installing the newly-released version 0.1.4, and William seems to have deftly fixed all the little bugs I'd encountered in version 0.1.1.

Is that a Zork in your pocket, or are you just happy to have something to do on the plane? (No playing Leather Goddesses during boring church services, you perverts!)

1 comment:

Ken Newquist said...

Very cool. I've got Zork on my iPod touch. It's awesome to go back to the world of text-based adventuring from time to time. :)