Nov 27, 2007

(Comic) Book of the Month Club

My gaming group got together Friday for some gaming (we playtested Savage Worlds). During the session someone had mentioned us trying a graphic-novel-of-the-month type arrangement by which we'd agree on a specific book and then get together a month later over beer and discuss it.

I really hope this idea flies - I think it's pure genius. I'm not buying comics right now, so I'm only reading the few that friends lend me. It would be really great to get back to it in this fashion.

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Ken Newquist said...

Me too. Obviously we already spend a lot of time discussing comic books, but I like the idea of sitting down and really digging into the meat of a book.

Plus, we've got a pretty diverse lot, so I expect a lot of cool comments attacking the books from different angles.

Very, very cool.