Nov 27, 2007

Getting Back to Writing

Well, maybe nobody's reading, but I think I'm going to start writing again anyway - I miss it.

A recent episode (#109) of the PC Gamer podcast got me thinking about the blog and why I write. The whole thing is cathartic I suppose. People have maintained journals since man invented pen and ink, and I suppose it's simply a healthy outlet for ones' passions. Mine simply happens to be gaming.

[Cue Queensryche's "Anybody Listening?"] So, audience/community or no, I'm going to get back to it. If you're out there and reading, do chime in with a comment. I'd love to get some dialog going, but if no one's out there I'm going to write anyway. Damn them torpedoes. Damn them to hell.


Borghal said...

Welcome back. You showed up on my feed reader, and I remembered I used to read your thoughts. Will happily continue.

Lance said...

Thanks, Borghal - please feel free to jump in and comment any time. :)