Nov 12, 2008

Left 4 Dead: Demo-licious Demo-lition!

Unfortunately, I got home late last night and the Left 4 Dead demo took forever to download on XBL, so I contented myself with watching some Chuck season 1 episodes with Heather.

I couldn't stand it any longer though, and fired up the demo this morning for a few minutes while the ol' WRX was warming up. Suffice it to say that the opening cinema is fantastic, and serves as a great introduction to the main characters and the more interesting individual varieties of zombies we'll encounter.

Since I only had a few minutes, and am most interested in the co-op modes the game offers, I jumped into the 1P version of co-op play that the demo offers (no online multiplayer in the demo at all from what I could surmise). The other three characters are controlled by (some rather competent) AI 'bots. From my quick taste, I can guess that this is going to be the next multiplayer game of choice for me.

The characters were tasked with making their way from a rooftop haven to a neighboring subway station. I grabbed an Uzi as my weapon of choice and opened the door leading down into the bowels of an apartment building. My 'bot posse and I were immediately assaulted by a number of weak, "everyday" zombies. Note that most of the L4D zombies seem to be very much the fast, rabid 28 Days Later type - no plodding, easy targets in this game! The typical zombie seems to be very easy to take out - in general it's all quantity over quality among the undead.

I shortly discovered that some of the flesheaters are more unique, skilled, and tough, however. The first of these was called a Boomer (I think), and was a huge, bloated and fat zombie that exploded violently when I cut into him with the Uzi. My vision was instantly partially distorted and obscured by the disgusting viscous green gore that splashed out all over us. To our horror, this slime also served to temporarily attract the normal "horde" zombies, and we were almost immediately assaulted by a score of these creatures.

Unfortunately, I actually had to go to work today, so further zombie blasting (and any subsequent Ditlog impressions) would have to wait until this evening. More soon!

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