Nov 3, 2008

Wings of War: Famous Aces Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

I was very jazzed to hear that Fantasy Flight Games' excellent WWI fighter dogfight game Wings of War is coming to XBLA. I had demoed the game at GenCon '07, and was very excited to pick it up.

The board game's Famous Aces starter box had been out of stock for a while though, and my gaming group hasn't been playing many board games of late, so I'd kind of held off on the purchase.

I'm thinking that WoW:FA on XBL will be an excellent online multiplayer time-killer when the weather is too bad to venture out to our normal Friday night game sessions, though!

The game is being developed by Madison, Wisconsin startup Big Rooster.


Damon said...

Jeez! You should have mentioned something! I would be ALL OVER aWWI fighter game!


Lance said...

Well, like I said it had been out of stock for a long time. It's very fun, so we definitely have to try it. You still have a XBL account?

Ken Newquist said...

Ticket to Ride, Wings of War -- I think we're going to have a damn good stock of games to play when we get snowed in this winter. :)

Damon said...

Yes, I do.