Apr 10, 2006

The End of an Era

This is a bit of a personal message, but I needed an accessible public place to host it. I'm leaving my current WoW guild, and doubtless the following post won't last long on the guild forums, but I wanted my friends to be able to read my goodbye. Read on if interested:


Unfortunately, this is a goodbye message to my good TA friends - you all know who you are. I'm sure most of you aren't even aware of what went on over the weekend, seeing as all the posts have been summarily deleted. Like all successful dictators, some of the TA officers have learned that censorship is a useful tool for control.

Seeing as this post will most likely be deleted as well, anyone interested will be able to find it at http://ditlog.blogspot.com.

Bascially, Tarrek, a very good RL friend of mine, was booted from the guild yesterday for publicly speaking out about Arv treating Grizzard poorly in a TA forum discussion (regarding BDS boots and the dispensing of Core mats from MC). Grizz, true to form, had done a fine job of defending himself, but apparently Tarrek felt that there was more to be said.

I suppose that one could argue that such a post was the equivalent of jumping on the pile when the ball carrier is already down. Me, I see an honorable man calling for another to think before he acts, and treat others with respect. The fact is, Arv's post *was* needlessly insulting, no one should have to put up with that kind of response, and it sure as hell wasn't the first time.

So, only one point that I really want to get across here. Status as a guild officer does not imply ownership. Officers are simply guild members who have volunteered their time to help organize the guild's efforts. Yes, this level of commitment probably deserves some inherent level of respect. However, respect is also earned. Myself, I've found that respect is best gained by treating others with respect. Apparently, several of the officers feel that their station allows them the right to throw their weight around, bullying and insulting others. I've had my fill of such immature behavior and am excersizing my right to move on. What do you expect Arv - that every time you feel like acting like a pompous, insulting jackass, the guild members are supposed to roll over and show their belly or risk a /gkick? Not this night elf, pal.

So, what are the choices I'm left with?

1) Look the other way while a good friend was kicked out of the guild for saying something that needed saying. Forsake my honor and dis a good friend just for the continued opportunity to raid with TA?

2) Continue to say what needs said and stick by a true friend.

Guess which one I choose.

Twilight Alliance, cut out the elitist crap. Treat everyone like friends and valued members of the guild, regardless of skill level, cliques, or time spend raiding. Folks, if you're being treated poorly, you don't need to bite your tongue. Everyone deserves respect. The guild is a collection of players contributing a goal, not a band of followers waiting for the owning officers to drop them some crumbs.

There was a time when this guild was about friendships, and camaraderie - good friends gathered together to enjoy a common interest. It used to be that TA was a home for WoW players with Real Lives I'm sad to say that those days are past. Time spent raiding is now valued much more highly then friendship.

So, some advice to the remaining TA members: [spaghetti western music plays] There's a new sherrif in town. You best keep your mouth shut and not step out of line, because he can slap leather and /gkick faster than the eye can see. Do what you're told, and no one will get hurt. Be sure not to make a mistake while raiding, or he'll dress down your n00bie butt over Vent for all to hear. But suck it up, and get on his good graces, because only the "insiders" get to go on the cool raids. You've been warned.

Was that melodramatic enough? LOL Anyway, to all my friends - I'll miss you guys, and you can always reach me via in-game mail. I hope you'll add me to your friends list, and hopefully we can get some 5-man action going sometime (especially when that new 5-man instance comes out in 1.11!). Good luck in the future.

To the rest of the "original five" - Gor, Eloi, Cynt, Mav - I miss the way things were. I know it's hard with the level of organization required for the 40-man efforts, but try to work towards keeping the original spirit of the guild alive.

See you all online.

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