Apr 27, 2006


Ahh, sweet victory (hopefully)!! After consulting with a more experienced mad scientist (read: the kind Asus phone tech), I think I've sorted out my RAID 0 problem.

After creating the RAID 0 array, I had tried to install XP, but after clunking away for a few minutes, the installer responded that it couldn't find any hard disks. Hmmm...

So, I went back and checked the Nvidia RAID summary screen. It showed a status of "N/A" in the Boot column. "So", says I, "something's busted."

Not true, apparently. My friendly tech believes that the status currently reads as "N/A" because my boot priority puts the CD drive first.

In reality, Windows couldn't load because XP doesn't have native SATA drivers. Hence: "Hard drive? What hard drive?" One has to first create a floppy containing the SATA drivers and then hit F6 to apply them while the XP installer is doing its thing.

Small problem - I don't have a floppy drive. Never even ordered one. Who uses floppies anymore?!? Me, it seems!

So, a victory, but a hollow one to be sure. Why, you ask? Because I now have to sully my lovely radioactive creature with some crummy old-school tech - that's why! It's like retrofitting the cockpit of the Space Shuttle with a wringer washer and galvanized washtub, I tell you!!!

[Reluctantly makes note to stop at Circuit City on way home...]

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