Apr 26, 2006

Massster, the Body Parts Have Arrived!

Egor, my faithful hunchback minion (by this I mean the Fed Ex guy, of course) arrived yesterday bearing multiple boxes of smexy new hardware. So... psyched!

I started putting stuff together last night. Man, a computer case used to be sooo much less complicated. Fans have been breeding like horny bunnies in there, and it seems like every single componant needs its own special power cable these days. It used to be that you just plugged the dang cards in the slots. Now there's temperature sensors, extra fans, heat sinks ad nauseum, umpteen special cables, heat pipes, and lots and lots more power.

I think my 3-4 year old Dell shipped with like a 250 watt power supply. This baby needs 600 watts, and I'm hoping even that will be sufficient if I add anything in the future (can you say physics processor, kiddies? I knew you could!).

I'm getting there, though. Power supply, mobo, and cpu all installed. Just need to attach a few temp sensors and then on to the drives, ram, and add-on cards. I just received the finishing touch - a Soundblaster X-Fi - so I should hopefully be at least to the OS install phase by tonight. (Barring the sparking, spitting, and billowing smoke...)

I love the smell of ozone in the evening! (What am I saying?!?)

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