Jul 6, 2006

Booo - Scary!!!

Think Count Floyd, folks... :)

OK, you want to be scared? I'll scare you. Guys like Senator Ted Stevens (R - Alaska) are making choices about your internet. Who's that? Why should you be scared?

Here's a transcript of ol' Teddy explaining why he voted the way he did about net neutrality. Better yet, listen to this sound byte of his actual delivery, but I'm warning you - it's scary. About a third of the way through the clip, he explains his understanding of this Internet thingie. Leave the lights on.

He's not a-feared about technology, and don't need no expert to learn him about it neither. He even plugged in one of them there computers one time - shoot...

Sometimes when I send an internet, it gets all tangled up too, Ted. I hate that.

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Ken Newquist said...

There are rational arguments against Net Neutrality, but ummm, this guy can't make 'em ... as Jon Stewart so expertly shows us: