Jul 20, 2006

Drivers! Start Your... Err... Throw Your Switches!

As a performance car enthusiast, I've managed to stay ambivalent to the electric and hybrid car buzz. That was before the Tesla Roadster. I like!


Ken Newquist said...

Very cool stuff. I can't imagine we'll see hundreds of thousands of these on the roads, but I think it'll attract the right kind of attention. Moreover, I love that it was a start-up -- a freaking automotive start-up -- that made this thing.

Lance said...

They are going to be $80,000 and I'm sure they're a limited run. The topic is just of interest to me, because is shows enthusiasts that one doesn't have to sacrifice performance to drive a "green" vehicle.

What this guy REALLY needs to do now is to build a big SUV and pickup truck, if he's to "save" America!