Sep 9, 2005

Dark New Day

While I'm touting music, I have to push one more band - Dark New Day.

Our hometown has a huge annual 10-day music festival called, simply enough, Musikfest. My wife and I had volunteered to work as ushers at several shows, including Seether with Crossfade.

The second opening band turned out to be Dark New Day. Forget about the headliners - these guys blew me away. Describing the music might turn some off, as it could make them sound like another clone of the current radio rock, but hang in there. At times, they remind one of elements of Creed, STP, Alice in Chains, but have no fear - they are their own band.

The music has crunch, but is at the some time very melodic and haunting. Sledgehammer testosterone-laden riffs alternating with flowing, clean bright chord work. The singer has a strong, crisp voice, pushing through intelligent, soulful lyrics, but with a firm rock punch. Bold backup vocal harmonies from the bandmembers seal the deal.

Anyway, check them out at their website - be sure to watch the great video for Brother. It streamed well even on our crappy frame relay connection at work. Their album, Twelve Year Silence, is available from both Amazon and iTunes (where I picked mine up).

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