Sep 13, 2005

The GeezerHorde Grows!

Zug, zug! World of Warcraft players from my RL gaming group, along with folks from Geezer Gamers, have started a Horde guild on the Windrunner WoW server. We're up to 9 players and growing, not too bad considering we've only been at this a few days.

We were all looking for a group of players to hang out with when RL friends were not available. Our main characters' guild, Twilight Alliance, is great, but is really geared toward the level 60 endgame, and we were all having trouble finding folks to group with our lower-level alts (or mains!).

Tarrek and I had decided to roll some Tauren to play duo when Zilanderan wasn't around, and Zil was already working on getting a group of the Geezers together for the same goal. (He plays a lot of Halo 2 with those gun-toting geriatrics.) It's all gelled nicely, and we bought our guild charter last night.

We're looking for like-minded members, so if you're of the mature, married, homeowner, parent kind of crowd and are looking for a group of players who will understand that you have to go AFK for a while because the baby woke up, look us up. Again, we're Horde faction on Windrunner. Send a /w to our guild leader, Brrainzz - he's the most likely to be on. The guild name will not be locked in until we get our 10th signature, but I think we're going with GeezerHorde. I'll be starting us a website and forum on GuildPortal just as soon as the name is inked.

Strength and honor!

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