Sep 8, 2005

The House that Frank(enstein) Built

Coming up on two years ago, we bought the townhouse we'd been renting since relocating for this job. This is our first home purchase, and is working out fairly well so far. The place is a fixer-upper, from the standpoint that the decor and some of the exterior need some serious updating. We bought the property for a good price, with the intent of revamping it and reselling it for some degree of profit. As this point, we're doing well equity-wise, and we're happy with the way the projects we've competed have turned out.

We've replaced exterior doors, the downstairs flooring, redecorated our son's bedroom, and are now in the finishing stages of one upstairs bathroom. We needed to replace a tub, and insanely decided that a whirlpool tub would be an addition desirable to the next buyer (oh, and my wife would probably like it as well...). That project has been quite a ride, but we're seeing the end of the tunnel.

Next up, regrouting the shower in the bathroom in our room, some painting in there and replacing the vanity.

Looming on the horizon, like a hungry troll waiting for a billy goat: the kitchen. Ugh.

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