Sep 16, 2005

WoW Companion

I wanted to turn folks on to a cool website/program called WoW Companion that lets one upload the data from their World of Warcraft character(s) and display them via the web. WoW Companion uses a Java app to autogenerate (and then host) a webpage that looks like the character pane from WoW.

It even lets you browse their skills, reputation, honor, and even talent choices (the button for talents is at the bottom of the page). My only disappointment was the lack of a character portrait, but still a very neat app for the aspiring and zealous WoW geek. Note that the function to display patch 1.7 data is still in beta, but seems to work just fine.

Check out their installation instructions for the gritty details.

Here's a link to my main toon, Erilar the night elven hunter! Cool...

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