Sep 22, 2005

The Edges of Blackrock

Well, last night was another great session of WoW (see yesterday's post for even more goodness)! Spent the evening questing in Burning Steppes, and actually finished picking up all of the pre-requisite quests for Blackrock Depths. First endgame dungeon, here I come!

After returning from their successful Zul'Gurub run (in which they took down the two first bosses), Jandari also kindly made me my second Dawn's Edge with the materials I'd sent him. To top it all off with a flourish, I spent about half of the evening's loot on double Demonslaying enchantments for my shiny new axes. See above for a pic of Erilar showing them off. You go, elf!

I know, I know, Demonslaying sucks stat-wise. Well, they look sweet, and I'm actually really saving up for Icy Chill, but each of those enchants costs almost twice what one of these axes does...

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