Sep 9, 2005


After some prodding from my wife and my tech-savvy friends Ken and Jim, I've been getting into listening to podcasts over the last month or so. What a great new technology. I mean, before podcasting, what were the odds of finding a talk radio show about a topic as audience-specific as video games, or sci-fi, or even general technology news?

To feed my latest addiction, I recently spent some time scouring the web for World of Warcraft podcasts, and have checked out all I'd found. Some of it was ok, but the only really good one I ran into is TavernCast. Their shows are done in a roundtable-type format, and the cast of 'casters is diverse and funny. They run some regular focused segments, such as The Dark Corner, which focuses on all things Rogue, and Out of Character, which features topics involving roleplay.

All you WoW players out there looking to get yor fix during the commute or even at work are highly encouraged to check their show out. Note that Episode 1 is a little rough, but 2 and beyond are pretty professional and a good listen.

Their website also features a forum, which is starting to pick up some steam and contains some intelligent WoW discussion (a stark contrast to the whiney complaint-fest that is the official WoW forums).

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